Run 2014. RUN 2015.

PLANNING! Yes planning! Planning for 2015. First let’s have a recap on last year. I commenced my career as a part time runner in February 2011 which makes last year my 4th year 2015 my 5th. Yeh! So where have we got to?

Did 3 of these bad boys last year, the slowest in Milton Keynes narrowly missing a Boston qualifying time in 3h08. The quickest was in Berlin in 2h57. PB! Then New York which frankly was a superb experience in spite of being 7 seconds late on another sub3 run. But it was 5 weeks later. On the windiest day ever. On a super hard course. But it was still amazing!

Only two of these last year. PB! in Reading in 1h24 which was pleasing as had just come back from flu. Then in Copenhagen which I didn’t ‘race’ as Berlin was 2 weeks later so ran 1h26 comfortable like. So was pleased although in hindsight would have wanted to get closer to the 1h22 mark.

Two of these bad boys also, quickly becoming a favourite distance. The London 10k, this was a bit of a last minute run and terribly organised! 20,000 runners, no one in pens, navigate fancy dressers for the first 3 miles etc. Only then was I able to put the throttle down and ran with a buddy from Sweatshop, pacing each other back to under 40 mins. Then Greenwich Park Mo Running fun run where amazingly on a hangover and hilly course ran 38:38… PB!

Few parkruns last year which was fun! 5 in fact. A mix of Highbury and Finsbury Park which are both super hilly! Pleasing progression as went from 19:44 and cut each time down ending up at 18:06. PB! Bonza. I can tell you now that 5k’s are insane. They are a mix of sprinting and distance. Throw the hills in and I’d say these runs felt harder and wasted me more than the longer stuff.

Amazing stuff on blog, thank you all so much for reading! 30 posts, 24,000 views, 15,000 visitors. Boom! Nominated for 2015 running awards blog of the year. Also stared writing for newly launched global lifestyle and running website Pavement Bound. Finally a regular microblogger on facebook groups ‘Running Shoe Geeks‘ and ‘Monarch Life‘.

Had an amazing time running with Run Dem Crew. Have also now signed up as a second member with Victoria Park Harriers and Tower Hamlets Athletics Club. I have made many friends through running this year, the first where I have really trained (and partied) collectively with a group.

1,469 miles. 11 races. PB’s at all distances. Ran in UK, Denmark, Germany and USA. Run Britain handicap down from 12.7 to 3.5. Good stuff! Even more satisfying was raising £600 for CALM – a big thank you to everyone who donated! Ran loads of TRACK! I love track! Finally I have assembled an arsenal of running shoes… obvs. We’re talking FlyKnit Racer, Boost, Takumi Sens, Zoom Streak, Brooks Mach 16, New Balance 5000’s… LESSGO!


And that was the rewind. So 2015. Goals, races, crews, coaches. The plan is to work with coach Nick Anderson from Running With Us to get to 2h45 for the marathon. That’s 12 mins off the pb. We are also targeting shorter races, concentrating on working in the right training zones, thinking about lactate threshold, vo2 etc. Goal times for races are as follows – 5k in 17 mins, 10k in 36 mins, Half in 1h18, Full in 2h45. Still training mostly with RDC on Tuesdays and Thursdays and competing in cross country and local road races with VPHTHAC. I’ll also be doing some training in London and Chamonix with AR Endurance Sports. Would like to get over the 1,500 mile mark for the year and ideally closer to 2,000.

Races I have signed up for are, in order:

Paris Half Marathon
Vattenfall Half Marathon
BUPA MIle and BUPA 10k
Bristol 10k
City of London Mile
Hackney Half Marathon
Copenhagen Half Marathon
Frankfurt Marathon
French Riviera Marathon

Writing/Blogging – I am looking at the format of Bearded Runner. There are some issues with menus and past posts. Working on it. Frankly there aren’t enough beards on display either. I need to get posts up to at least two per month; although do have a backlog of shoe reviews and training advice ready to go. If I can double readership again this year that will be amazing! Also need to update facebook with a ‘Page’. As well as that I will be contributing two articles per month to PB – check out my contributor page here.

I should be an official UK Athletics Leader in Running Fitness Coach shortly and will put this to good use leading track sessions at Mile End and tempo runs from 1948 with Run Dem. Maybe even some group leading with AR if and when they need help. Exciting and a chance to give back!

Already run my first race in 2015! The Middlesex Cross Country Championships. With mixed results! 82/154, 49:20 for 12k. And it was tough! Presently training is going OK, flu ridden first week, good second week which should result in running somewhere around the 50 mile mark. Also running 2:50 800’s at track (currently 8x yassos). RAN DOM CREW!

Lastly my beard is looking in fine fettle at present. Now that I am on hiatus from my ‘other job’ in the ‘City’ I no longer have the bi-product of conformity holding me back. Gonna go for it. We’re talking as far caveman/pirate/trail-runner as I can take it. Think inner-city Anton Krupicka. Just not as talented a runner. Or good looking. So not really him. Wow.

Keep it locked.



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