Great Beards 3 – Rob Krar

Alex Aristei

We haven’t had a Beard for a while on sooooooo here’s a profile on Mr Ultra, Rob Krar. Amazingly talented runner, amazingly cultivated beard.

The guy is an absolute dude. See the links for more info for him below, but to paraphrase for you… Started on the track at college and posted some pretty quick times a 1:51 800m and a 3:44 1500m during his time at Butler University (oh and he slipped a 2:25 Boston marathon in there too). Pretty quick but nothing outstanding he didn’t feel, in fact it was in tri that he excelled at an early age, competing for his native Canada. Then he graduate and moved to Phoenix where he worked as a pharmacist for like years working the night shift, living with his then GF, barely running at all.

Then he moved to Flagstaff in 2005 and took up running again (as well as taking another job in a pharmacist to work the graveyard shift… still). He there befriended fellow mountain runner Mike Smith in 2009 who converted him to trail. And he hasn’t looked back. In fact only 4 years later, he ran Western States for the first time finishing second to Tim Olson; he’d only ever run a 50 miler before. Once. Earlier that year… aged 36. And what’s that? He just won Western States 100 in 2014? Yeeeeha. That’s right Rob just took the title at one of the grandslams of ultra-running in Squaw Valley.


Rob Krar, Western States 2014 – Strava

Time – 14h53
Average minute miles – 9:03 (for 100 miles)
Ran a marathon in the middle in 3h35 (sure)

For more info, take a look at his North Face profile OR this great article from Running Times. But basically he’s 5″8 and had a great beard (like me), can run like a bad-ass (not so much like me), listens to bluegrass music and drinks shit loads of coffee. I love this guy.



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